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Officially Licensed ASR Tactical Product
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Ever found yourself in a sticky situation where you could have used an escape saw? These ASR Tactical Piercing Saw Blades can be useful in emergencies and while camping, hiking, or climbing.

These blades are extremely flexible and perfect for cutting straight through rope and hard metals. The round back makes cutting of curves and shapes easier, and they are tempered to ensure consistency.

Made of a special alloy steel, these blades will ensure that you can get out of any emergency situation. They will also cut through bone, plastics, wood and pearls. Make sure to have these blades handy the next time you're camping, hiking, or adventuring through the outdoors.

Sold in packs of 144.


Useful in Emergency SituationsExtremely Flexible Blades
Cut Straight Through all Metals, Rope, Bone, Plastic, Wood, and PearlsRound Back Enables Flexibility | Allows for Intricate Cutting
Tempered to Ensure ConsistencyDimensions: 5 x 4 x 0.5 inches
Color: Black


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(1) Pack of 144 ASR Tactical Escape Saw Blades
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