Universal Tool 10 Inch Tailors Shears

Hobby Craft Tailors Shears Stainless Steel ScissorsHobby Craft Tailors Shears Stainless Steel ScissorsHobby Craft Tailors Shears Stainless Steel Scissors
Hobby Craft Tailors Shears Stainless Steel Scissors
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Cut through fabric, cloth and just about anything easily with the Universal Tool 10" Tailors Shears! The 10" Stainless Steel Tailors Shears are ideal for craft and hobby projects requiring heavy duty cuts. These are ideal for fabric and leather.

The Universal Tool Tailor's Shears are a great addition to any craft supply collection. Each shear is constructed of durable stainless steel, and feature molded handles for added comfort.

These tailor's shears have straight blades, which will ensure your cuts are as accurate as possible. Since these scissors are heavy duty stainless steel, they will ensure that you wont end up undoing all of your hard work with inferior equipment.

The 10" shears come in a plastic carrying case, which will allow you to protect them in between uses. Other uses include cutting solid, rigid fabrics like wool and denim. Grab a pair of these before your next sewing project, or gift them to your favorite crafter!


Overall Length: 10"; Length of Shears: 6" Made in Pakistan
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Molded Handles for Ergonomic Grip
Super Sharp Straight Blades for Accurate Cuts Great Gift Idea for Tailors, Crafters, and Hobbyists


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