3.5 Inch Sharp Tip Stork Stainless Steel Tailors Scissors

Precision Tip Stork Tailors Scissors
Precision Tip Stork Tailors Scissors
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Finish sewing projects with confidence with the 3 inch Tailor's Stork Scissors!

The 3.5 inch Tailor's Stork Scissors are a great addition to any hobbyist's tool collection. These scissors are designed with straight blades and a super sharp tip, perfect for embroidering, sewing and cutting fabric.

Each pair of scissors is stainless steel and constructed in Pakistan. They even have a cute Stork imprint. Grab a pair of these before your next craft project, or gift them to your favorite hobbyist.


Sharp Tip Stork Style Scissors Designed for Cutting Fabric, Sewing and Embroidery
Straight Blades Stainless Steel
Made in Pakistan Length of Blades: 1 inch
Overall Length Including Handles: 3.5 inch


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