Pinking Shears 10.25-Inch Hobby and Craft Scissors

Pinking Shears Scissors 10.25-Inch Zigzag Craft and Hobby Art CuttingCreates Zigzag Patterns on Fabric or Paper
Pinking Shears Scissors 10.25-Inch Zigzag Craft and Hobby Art Cutting
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Make your art stand out with these fabric and paper cutting Pinking Shears! These sharp and durable pinking scissors will leave clean and detailed designs on the fabric or paper of your choice.

Make sure your art stands out with these Pinking Shears for Craft and Hobby Art Cutting! Your art projects will look professional and neat after using these pinking scissors.

The scissors are 10.25 inches long and are made of durable metal. The sharp zigzag designs will give your art the precision that all hobbyists wish for. The pinking shears will leave edged designs when you cut through fabric or paper, giving your art a distinct look and appeal.

These pinking shears are a must-have for all hobbyists, crafters, and artist! Add this necessary art tool to your crafting collection.


Pinking Shears Scissors Great for Hobbyists, Crafters, and Artists
Creates Zigzag Patterns on Fabric or Paper Ideal for Scrapbooking and Art Projects
Height: 10.25" Made of Durable Metal
Sharp and Precise for Enhanced Detail


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