10 Inch Pinking Shears Metal Sawtoothed Tailor Heavy Duty Scissor

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Cut through fabric and cloth easily with the Craft & Hobby 10" Pinking Shears!

The Craft & Hobby 10" Pinking Shears are a great addition to any hobbyist's supplies. Each pair of shears are constructed of durable metal made in India, and feature plastic molded handles for added comfort.

These pinking shears have sawtoothed blades, which leave a zigzag pattern once cut. Since unfinished cloth edges have the tendency to fray, the sawtooth pattern will limit the length of frayed thread and minimize damage to the fabric.

Other uses for pinking shears include decorative cuts and a number of patterns (arches, sawtooth of different aspect ratios, asymmetric teeth). Grab a pair of these before your next project, or give them as a gift to your favorite crafter!


Length of Blades: 6" Total Length Including Handles: 10"
Made in India Heavy Duty Metal
Plastic Molded Handles Sawtoothed Blades - Leave Zigzag Pattern
Minimizes Fraying on Cut Cloth Decorative Cuts
Great Gift Idea for Tailors, Crafters & Hobbyists


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