Jewelry Repair Combo Tool Kit Homemade DIY Watches Jewelry Bracelets 23pc

Jewelry Repair Tool Kit
Jewelry Repair Tool Kit
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This Jewelry Making Tool Kit is ideal for novice and experienced jewelry makers. The tools included will help you pick up even the tiniest pieces and repair the smallest damage to your jewelry. Easy and comfortable to use, this kit will surely be a great addition to your jewelers set.

The Yellow and Black Tool Kit is perfect for any jewelers collection. All tools included are of the highest quality, assuring that you will have an easy-going experience when working on your jewelry making and repairs.

Use our tools for repairs on jewelry such as watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. We guarantee that our tool kit will bring you the results that you want, leaving you with the perfect piece of jewelry.


Complete 23 piece kit for repair Multicolored Pieces
Perfect for jewelers of all experience levels


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(1) Tool Box (1) 6x Illuminated Hands Free Loupe (1) Standard Pair of Scissors (1) Jewelry Pliers (1) Fabric Tape Measure (1) 3" Adjustable Jeweler (1) Squeeze Bottle (1) Illuminated Tweezer (1) 4.5 Inch 4 Prong Pick-Up Tool (1) 7pc Precision Jeweler Eye Glasses Flat Tip Screw Driver (6) Glass Vials
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