Cast Iron Jailer Key Set

Antique Cast Iron Jailer Skeleton Key Set  Great for Home Decor or Gothic Look
Antique Cast Iron Jailer Skeleton Key Set
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This Antique Skeleton Key Set is great to hang on doors and in the home as a decorative accessory. By the fireplace or in the kitchen the key set will look stylish and give your home a nice accent.

The Antique Skeleton Key Set is a perfect home decor addition. It can be hung on door knobs or around the house to give your home an antique look.

If you like Gothic or Western themes, the skeleton key set is definitely for you. The 5 keys are 6 inches in height and can be placed virtually anywhere in the house. This is a great collectors item and will give your home or workplace the edge it needs.

This is a great home decor accessory and will look stylish no matter where you choose to put the Antique Key Set!


Antique Jailer Skeleton Key Set Can be Placed on Door Knobs, By Fireplaces, or on Decorative Hooks for Home Decor
Five Total Keys on Hook Height: 6"
Great for Gothic or Western Look


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