ASR 144pk Glass Vial Set - GB3

ASR Gold Prospecting Short Vial ASR Gold Prospecting Short Vial with ScaleASR 144pk Gold Prospecting Short Vials
ASR Gold Prospecting Short Vial
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Officially Licensed ASR Outdoor Product
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Fulfill all of your craft and hobby storage needs with the ASR 144pc 4mL Collection Vials Set!

The ASR 144pk .75 Dram Glass Vial Set is a great addition to any crafter or hobbyist's work area. This vial has a capacity of 3mL (3/4 dram) and is perfect for storing small items like beads, glitter, dust and other essential crafts.

In addition, these vials will come in handy for gold prospectors and mineral collectors. They feature a water-tight screw top cap, as well as a durable glass see-through body so you'll be able to identify items easily. These vials will ensure that your craft supplies, gems and other tiny valuables are safe and contained.

This is a perfect gift for crafters and hobbyists looking to store small items!


Water-tight Plastic Screw Top Durable Glass Transparent Body
Perfect for Storing Small Items Like Glitter, Dust, Gems, Beads, Small Parts, etc. Great Gift Idea for Crafters & Hobbyists Alike


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(144) 1 3/4" Dram Vials
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