7 Inch Diamond Coated Flat File Set for Home DIY Hobby Projects

Diamond Flat File Set 40 to 600 Grit 6 Pc
Diamond Flat File Set 40 to 600 Grit 6 Pc
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This set of 7 inch diamond coated files are great for detailed metal working projects and other jobs. They come in varying grits ranging from 40 to 600 grit.

This hobby file set has 6 different files, varying in grit; coarse to fine, 40-600 grit, for an array of different jobs and tasks whether it is for models, or detailed metal work.

Diamond files are ideal for metal working, gold, silver, platinum, and other hard to file materials.

The small handles allow for precision detail work as they are not over-sized or hard to grip in your fingertips, which makes them perfect for precise craft projects!

Each file is 7 inch in length and features small 2 inch rubberized handles for precision craftsmanship.


Hard-to-find flat diamond files with heavyweight 3mm thick blades Set of six 10mm x 8-1/2" files embedded on four sides, heavy-duty steel with chrome finish
Includes one-each in grits 40, 80, 150, 240, 400 and 600 for coarse to extra-fine filing PVC-dipped handles are easier on hands and provide non-slip grip; 3" filing surface
Nature's hardest material works on hardened steel, glass, granite, tile


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(6) Diamond Coated Flat Files
(1) Plastic Protection Case
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