34pc Complete Hobby Pottery Tool Kit

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Pottery Kit
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The 34pc Complete Pottery & Tool Kit is a great addition to any craft or hobby collection, whether you're just beginning or already know the ropes!

The 34pc Complete Pottery & Tool Kit is a great addition to any craft or hobby collection, whether you're just beginning or already know the ropes!

Inside of the tool box you'll find a 19pc pottery set, which is an essential collection of basic tools you'll need while creating pottery. Included are all of the tools needed for slicing clay, removing clay from your wheel, modeling tools, detail and piercing tools as well as shaving tools. In addition, we've included a 4pc stainless steel pick and hook pottery/wax carving set. These tools will help you define details and feature knurled handles for a better grip. All of these tools fit nicely inside of a canvas travel pouch.

Besides the basic pottery tools, we've also bundled in some other helpful items to supplement your art projects. Inside the box you'll also find a microfiber cleaning cloth to assist during clean up. It will work on any surface and can be used without the use of chemicals to protect your artwork as well as your workspace. This cloth is non-abrasive and environmentally friendly as you'll be able to re-use it for years!

We've also included a heavy duty snifter bottle with an easy to use nozzle. This will come in handy if you need to clean very small or intricate parts of your artwork, or just need a little drizzle of water or paint. You'll also find a 5pc set of paint brushes as well as a pair of scissors and a utility knife box cutter.

This complete set makes a great gift for hobbyists and crafters alike! Make sure to grab one and be prepared for any art project!


Complete 19pc Basic Essentials Pottery Tool Set Wax Carvers for Detailed Work:
Knurled Handles for Better Grip Approx Size: 5-1/2"
Made in India Snifter Bottle:
Volume: 10mL (10 cc) Combined Size of Nozzle & Bottle: 5" x 1-1/2" Diameter
Tool Box:
Dimensions: 11" x 5" x 4"
Deep Compartment for Larger Tools Small Top Compartment for Precision/Smaller Tools
Keeps Pottery Tools Handy & Organized Canvas Zip Pouch for Convenient Storage
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:
Dimensions: 12" x 16"
Color Ships At Random Absorbs 7 Times Weight in Liquid
Washable/Reusable Works on Any Surface
Utility Knife & Scissors for Cutting/Slicing Needs


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(1) Loop Tool (for trimming & shaving large amounts of clay)
(1) Potter's Rib (double-ended for cutting/shaving clay)
(1) Ribbon Tool (double-ended for cutting/shaving clay)
(1) Cut Off Needle (for adding fine details & piercing)
(1) Wood Modeling Tool (for sculpting/adding detail)
(1)Sponge (to clean & smooth)
(1)Aluminum Scraper (for smoothing & shaping)
(1) Wire Clay Cutter (for slicing clay or removing pottery from wheel)
(11) Double-sided Pottery Tools
(1) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
(1) Tool Box
(1) Utility Knife Box Cutter
(4) Stainless Steel Carving Tools
(1) Pair of Scissors
(1) Snifter Bottle
(1) Canvas Zip Pouch
(5) Brushes
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