Universal 5pc Hobby Tweezer Set Stainless Steel

Universal 5pc Hobby Tweezer Set Stainless Steel
Universal 5pc Hobby Tweezer Set Stainless Steel
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Product Description

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These are the tweezers you need for fine manipulation. This 5pc hobby tweezer set is useful for a variety of applications.

These stainless steel tweezers are all between 4" and 5" and feature different tips for different uses. The shovel tip on the stamp tweezers is perfect for handling flat broad objects that may be too delicate for pointed tweezers. The bent tip tweezers are designed for grasping small stones and components, while the solder/utility tweezers are ideal for holding small wires in place.

Having 5 different tweezers makes this set quite versatile, as there is one for any situation. Whether you're beading, soldering, repairing watches or jewelry, or even simply removing a splinter, there is a tweezer in this set for you.


Stainless Steel ConstructionLengths between 4" - 5"
Plastic Pouch for storageSet is composed of: Sharp Pointed Tweezers, (4.5") Stamp Tweezers, (4.75") General Tweezers, (4") Solder/Utility Tweezers, (4.5") Bent Tip Tweezers
Color: Grey


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(5) Tweezers
(1) Plastic Pouch
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