Gear Aid UV Cure AquaSeal .25 oz.

Gear Aid UV Cure AquaSeal .25 oz.
Gear Aid UV Cure AquaSeal .25 oz.
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Use Aquaseal UV to make instantaneous field repairs to minor tears and pinholes in waders, rainwear and other outdoor gear.

GEAR AID Aquaseal UV Adhesive for Instant Wader and Drysuit Repair, 0.25 oz


Get instant repairs to pinhole leaks and tears at home or in the field; simply expose adhesive to sunlight or UV lightUse the small 0.25 oz tube of glue to fix gear that need to flex and stretch with the fabric without peeling off or cracking
Apply on a variety of outdoor gear including fishing waders and drysuits made of neoprene, nylon, vinyl and GORE-TEX® fabricsMake expensive gear last longer with a UV adhesive that cures into a waterproof seal and resists abrasions/scratches
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