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Strong Rare Earth Magnets
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These are some super strong magnets! Each Magnet has 3 Pounds of Magnetic Strength!

Rare Earth Magnets Are Not Your Typical Refrigerator Magnet, These are Super Strong and Long Lasting!

These discs are axially magnetized, so the strong North/South poles are in the center of the flat sides. That makes them easier to stack into a cylinder than to connect side by side. The metal coating is durable, but ALL Neodymium magnets can chip or shatter.

If used gently, these magnets can serve your entire life.


Diameter 3/8" | Thickness: 5 mm | Strength: 3 lbs Made of Nickel Neodymium
Stronger and Last Longer then Average Magnets Please Note: A 4-Pack is one package


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