1 Inch Jaw Mini Table Vise with Clamp

1" Clamped Vise
1" Clamped Vise
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Hold equipment steady in place with the 1" Jaw Mini Clamped Desk Vise!

The 1" Jaw Mini Clamped Desk Vise is a great addition to any jeweler's tool collection. Vises are mechanical screw apparatuses used for holding or clamping a work pieces to allow it to be manipulated by drills, saws, screwdrivers and other tools.

This vise features a fixed 1" jaw, the perfect size for working on small precision projects. It is constructed of heavy duty steel, is rust proof and weighs about .7 pounds, making it a durable little vise for its size!

This vise will get the job done just like a larger vise, but will allow you to get much closer to your work piece for precision movements. This vise is the perfect size for jewelry design, repair, arts and crafts, metalworking and other hobby projects.


1" Jaw Weight: .7 lbs | 11.2 oz
Fixed Jaw Table/Desk Clamp
Heavy Duty Steel | Rust Proof Ideal for Precision Projects
Great for Jewelry Making, Repair, Arts & Crafts, Metalworking & More!


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(1) 1" Jaw Mini Clamped Desk Vise
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