8pc Assorted Blades Utility Cutter Set

8pc Razor Blade Cutter Set
8pc Razor Blade Cutter Set
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Supplement your home improvement and hobby projects easily with the 8pc Utility Cutter Set!

The 8pc Utility Cutter Set is a great addition to any home improvement or hobby tool DIY collection. Each set comes with 8 different utility blades, ranging from box cutters to scrapers and small hobby knives.

This assorted set is constructed of durable plastic blade holders and super sharp steel blades. Make sure to grab a set of these to keep around your house, office, work shop or garage! Ideal for crafts and DIY projects!


8 Total Pieces in each Set Color: Yellow
Steel Blades Assorted Utility Cutters
Great for Use at Home, Office, Garage, Work Shop & More!


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(8) Assorted Utility Blade Cutters
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