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Tired of lost pill bottles, staining to read the label on the pill bottle, or worse, mixing up your medication? Introducing the Pill Vial Stand! Each stand holds a combination of 8 standard size and 4 large size vials, so 12 bottles total. Stand also includes a pill ledge, so you can set out the medication you will be taking for the day. Made in the USA!

Tired of having your pill bottles in a mess all over the counter, or worse, losing your pill bottles? Introducing the Pill Vial Stand that will make your medications incredibly organized!

These organizational will hold 8 standard sized and 4 large size vials, so 12 vials in total. The stand also includes a pill ledge, so you can set out your medication for easy access.

If you're tired of having your pill bottles spread out all over your counter, this in the product for you. This item is a must-have for anyone with multiple medications or vitamins!


EASY ORGANIZATION - Holds a combination of 4 standard size and 2 standard large size vials, or 6 standard size vials.COMPACT AND PORTABLE - Compact size is great at home or on the go
FUNCTIONAL - Included pill ledge is a great way to organize medications or vitamins.SPACE SAVING - A great way to group all your pill bottles together, while reducing the amount of space they take up. Perfect for kitchen counters or bathroom cabinets.
Please Note: This WILL NOT fit the new CVS larger size pill containers.


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