250pc Furniture and Floor Protector Chair Feet Pads

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Furniture Protector Pads 250pc
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Product Description

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If we know anything about making a house a home, it's that it should be perfectly clean and unscathed. Don't miss out on these floor, furniture, and wall pads to protect your home in all its glory.

Floor and furniture protector pads are easy to use and will preserve the beauty of households by preventing scratches, dents, and other damage to floors and furniture.

Attach these self adhesive protector pads onto tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, desks, book shelves, and other furniture and the cushioning will protect those items as well as the floors. These pads are also great for attaching to wall areas that are knocked again and again by doorknobs. There are countless uses for protector pads around the house or in the office.

This assorted pack comes with different sizes felt pads, sound insulation and vibration-proof pads, and large felt sheets that can be cut into whatever shape you need. Make sure your house always looks its best with protector pads!


Assorted Pack of 250 Pads Heavy Duty
Protect Furniture and Floors Strong Self Adhesive
Reduce Wear and Sliding Soundproof


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(96) 20mm Felt Pads
(72) 15mm Felt Pads
(64) 10mm Sponge Rubber Felt Pads
(16) 38mm Sponge Rubber Vibration-Proof Pads
(2) Felt Sheets
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