Extendable Flexible Feather Duster For Home And Office Cleaning

A micro fiber flexible head cleaning duster collapsedfeather duster extendedfeather duster bluefeather duster orangefeather duster green
A micro fiber flexible head cleaning duster collapsed
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Product Description

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Various colors flexible duster with a telescopic body for hard to reach areas. You won't have a hard time cleaning cobwebs, counters, railing, and desks ever again!

This Microfiber fabric grips to dust. Various colors of blue, purple, green, orange, and pink for a custom touch.

The telescopic body of 5 separate sections extends to 30 in, collapses to 11 in, and the head itself it 5-1/2 in. The duster head is flexible so you can get into corners and hard to reach areas with ease.

Keep this item around to not have to worry about those pesky cobwebs that loom over head.


Micro fiber duster for trapping dust Various colors: Pink, Purple, Orange, Green, and Blue that we ship at random unless requested.
Comfortable grip allows for easy hand control Extends to 30 in and collapses to 11 in
The head cover is removable and machine washable


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