Light Blue Mesh Pop Up Laundry Hamper Lightweight Collapsible Side Pocket 23 Inch College

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This lightweight hamper is ideal for at home, travel, college and more.

This universal hamper can collapse for travel or storage easily, but spring back into action in a matter of seconds when needed.

The lightweight mesh collapsibility, and handles makes this hamper ideal for college, camp, apartments, or traveling whenever the laundry machines are a distance away. The convenient side pocket lets you carry your laundry necessities with you (such as coins, laundry pods, and dryer sheets) in one trip!

The breathable material will allow your clothes to wait in the hamper until your laundry day and not leave your clothes, or hamper, with a stale odor. Don't forget this when going off to college, or whatever your next adventure is!


Easy To Open and Collapse Lightweight Mesh Fabric for Ventilation
Ideal for College, Travel, Apartments, and More! Side Pocket
23" tall Color: Light Blue


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