4 Pack Thin Clear Flexible Plastic Craft Cutting Board 12 Inch x 15 Inch

Cutting Board for Crafting Clear Flexible Mat - 4 Pack
Cutting Board for Crafting Clear Flexible Mat - 4 Pack
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This 4 pack of Clear Plastic Cutting Boards is perfect for keeping your craft area clean. They are thin, dishwasher safe, and great for keeping under your crafts for easy clean up.

Tired of a messy crafting area? Try this 4 Pack of Flexible Cutting Board Mats!

These mats are 12" x 15", about the size of a standard place mat. The 4 pack will allow you to cover your crafting area so you can keep your surface clean from scraps and adhesives. The mats will protect your surface and are super flexible, making it easy to transport your scraps to your trash bin. They will not crack or chip and will not dull your utility knives. They are dishwasher safe, hygienic and easy to clean and store.

Make sure to grab this set of cutting boards before your next crafting project!


Size: 12 inch x 15 inch | Thickness: .5mm Material: PP Plastic
Dishwasher Safe Hole for Hanging
Rolls up for Quick and Easy Storage


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