Stink Bomb Novelty Military Grade Gift

Stink Bomb Novelty Military Grade Gift
Stink Bomb Novelty Military Grade Gift
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Officially Licensed ASR Tactical Product
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Product Description

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Get this military grade stink bomb to prank and take revenge on your deserving friends and family!

This stink bomb is a great gag gift for friends and family who deserve their cold dish of revenge. The military grade strength will really gross your loved ones out when they are least expecting it.

Made with special ingredients used by former CIA and federal agents, this awesome stink bomb liquid is now available for non-governmental use. You can prank your friends and enemies alike and it is the perfect gift for revenge.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to prank friends and family when they least expect it!


Military Grade Stink BombPerfect for Revenge, Prank, or Gag Gift Situations
Now Available for Non-Governmental UsePowerful Special Ingredients
Compact; Can Be Hidden Until Pranking is in SessionColor: Clear


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