SI Doo Doo Drops Diarrhea Prank

SI Doo Doo Drops Diarrhea Prank
SI Doo Doo Drops Diarrhea Prank
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Product Description

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These "special ingredients" are just what you may need in some "special situations".

Manufactured under contract by DSG Laboratories to fulfill the occasional unusual operational requirement of CIA and other federal agents, these products are now available for non-governmental sale. Use only with utmost discretion.

Doo Drops look and smell just like real diarrhea. Many useful applications, all of which will be left to your imagination. It's just like a tube of explosive diarrhea, except silent for stealth deployments. It comes in a handy dropper-top squeeze dispenser for rapid, realistic applications. All-natural. SMELLS LIKE CRAP.


Drops Look and Smell Just Like Real DiarrheaSilent for Stealth Deployments
Comes in a Handy Dropper-Top Squeeze DispenserAll-Natural
Color: Brown


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