Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Necklace Letter Opener

Zelda Letter Opener Necklace
Zelda Letter Opener Necklace
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Legend of Zelda Shield Necklace acts as a sheath for Master Sword letter opener knife with 2.25" blade. The necklace is a dog tag style ball chain.

Remember spending hours checking every room in every dungeon and temple? Or those catchy ocarina tunes that get stuck in your head for days? Everyone knows and loves the Zelda games, so this necklace is bound to be a conversation starter.

The Hylian Shield, featuring the Triforce and eagle designs, acts as a sheath for the Master Sword. This miniature sword has a sharp 2.25" stainless steel blade, perfect for opening letters and packages.

This all-metal necklace uses a dog tag style ball chain, so the size can be adjusted very easily.

Shopping for someone else? A unique necklace likes this makes an excellent novelty gift for the avid Legend of Zelda or Nintendo fan.


Hylian Shield Acts as Sheath for Master Sword Master Sword 2.25" Blade Functions as Letter Opener
Adjustable Ball Chain Necklace No Plastic Parts!


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