Vibe Sound USB Turntable Record Vinyl to MP3

Vibe Sound USB Turntable Transfer Vinyl to MP3Vibe Sound USB Turntable Transfer Vinyl to MP3 PortsVibe Sound USB Turntable Transfer Vinyl to MP3 with Scale
Vibe Sound USB Turntable Transfer Vinyl to MP3
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Old school sound on new school devices. Quickly convert any vinyl into an audio file transferable with a USB cable.

Everyone can appreciate the classic sound that vinyl records produce when played on a record player. It would be great if you could take the sound of a vinyl record with you on the go, right? Now you can with the Vibe Sounds USB Turntable.

Vibe Sounds USB Turntable features a 2 speed (33, 45 RPM) vinyl player using a belt driving system. Quickly converts vinyl records into MP3 files with USB output to PC. Includes R and L RCA outputs for speaker plug-ins.

Package includes a USB turntable, USB cord, Installation CD and Operation Manual.


2 speed (33, 45 RPM) with adapter Belt Drive System
USB output to PC for Playing and Recording RCA Output
Built-in Speakers


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USB Turntable
USB Cord
Installation CD
Operation Manual
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