7 Function White Safety Flasher - 2 Pack

7 Function White Safety Flasher - 2 Pack7 Function White Safety Flasher - 2 Pack
7 Function White Safety Flasher - 2 Pack
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Product Description

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Ever find yourself riding your bike at night and worrying about your visibility?

Highly visible flashing safety lights contain five LED lights and allow a choice of six different flashing patterns or a steady glow (7 functions in all). Ensure safetly while jogging, biking, walking the dog, running, walking, skiing, camping, emergencies or most any night time activity.

A belt clip is included so safety light can be easily attached to bike, backpack, baby stroller, wheelchair, belt or clothing, etc. The super bright LED has a visibility of up to 2,000 feet. Lightweight and water resistant.

Compact and lightweight, these flashers are ideal for joggers, cyclists, skiers, hikers and even kids! Make sure to keep one of these on your bike at all times.


Dimensions: 3" x 2" x 1"5 Super Bright LEDs
2500 MCD Brightness7 Light Functions
Bike AttachmentCompact & Lightweight
Ideal for Joggers, Cyclists, Skiers, Hikers, Kids, Halloween, andfor Anything Requiring Visibility
Requires 2AA Batteries (Not Included)Color: White


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