Smart Strip Energy Saving Auto Switch Surge Protector - 10 Outlet LCM-3MVR

10 Outlet Smart Power Strip
10 Outlet Smart Power Strip
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The 10-Outlet Smart Strip uses Auto-Switch Technology to reduce power usage while protecting equipment from power surges.

The Smart Strip Energy Saving Surge Protector has seven color-coded outlets with one control outlet (blue), six power-saver outlets (green) that electronically unplug connected equipment and eliminate vampire current usage, and three “always on” outlets (red) for equipment that needs power continuously. An adjustment screw allows the user to set the activation threshold to match the power settings of a wide variety of control devices. The LCG-3MVR Advanced Power Strip features a sophisticated surge protection circuit with 4385 joules and 84000 amps of protection to guard your equipment from voltage spikes and current surges. The 10-outlet Smart Strip has 6 transformer outlets and comes with a 4’ heavy-duty power cord with a 90° right-angle space saving plug.


10 Outlets With Color-Coded Functions Auto-Switching Technology Saves Electricity
Superior EMI/RFI filtering to 52dB 4385-joule and 83,000 AMP protection
4' Heavy-Duty Power Cord With 90 Degree Right-Angle Plug


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