(2 Pack) LED Color Changing Mini Mood Light Bedside Table Lamp

7 Color Changing Options with Two Modes: Manually Select Color or Auto Color ChangingPerfect 2pk Lamp for Setting the Mood and Creating the Right Atmosphere for Any OccasionPowered by USB Cable (Included) or 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
7 Color Changing Options with Two Modes: Manually Select Color or Auto Color Changing
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Product Description

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This 2pk mood lamp is perfect for various holidays, parties, or just setting the mood in general! Get it in time for Valentine's Day to make sure you and your significant other are in lovable moods on that special day.

*Order by February 10th to get your Mood Lamps in time for Valentines Day!*

The LED Mood Lamp Light in a 2 Pack has multiple features to accommodate to any type of setting! Whether it is for a party or special holiday, make sure the space you're in sets the mood for whatever you may be celebrating. This lamp is great for year-round use as well to create the perfect vibe wherever you go.

The lamp has 7 color changing settings to match up to any mood you want to create. The colors available are basic white, red, green, chartreuse, blue, aqua, and purple. You have the mode options of manually selecting the color or auto color changing. Simply change the setting with the touch sensor on the lamp and feel free to bring this compact, portable device to any location. The lamp also comes with a USB cable that is perfect for easy charging but can be used with 3 AA batteries as well.

Always be able to create the mood you want with this awesome LED Mood Lamp Light!


2 Pack LED Mood Lamp Light 7 Color Changing Options
Two Modes: Manually Select the Color or Auto Color Changing Powered by USB Cable (Included) or 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Colors Change as you Select the Touch Sensor Easily Portable; Compact
Great for Holidays, Parties, Special Occasions, or Valentine's Day


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(2) LED Mood Lamp Lights
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