4 Pack Dual Function LED Flashlight And Laser Pointer Combo Key Chain

Laser Pointer LED Light Combo Key ChainLaser Pointer LED Light Combo Key Chain Specs
Laser Pointer LED Light Combo Key Chain
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Product Description

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This 4 pack of LED and laser pointer key chains give you that extra bit of light when you need it most. The laser can be used for presentations or as a cat toy!

Fix and repair small electronics easily with the 4 pack of Compact Laser Pointers!

These tiny flashlights come with a super bright white LED and feature a flexible neck for hard-to-reach places. The neck will rotate in any direction, making it perfect for making repairs to small components.

The light also features a laser pointer for precision, and also doubles as a great tool for presentations. It has a magnetic base for added stability and also comes with a metal pocket clip for easy storage when not in use.

Make sure to grab this 4 pack for endless needs!


Flexible Neck: 3" | Overall Length: 6.5" Flexible Neck Rotates in Any Direction
LED Light with Laser Pointer Metal Pocket Clip & Magnetic Base
Requires 3AG13 Batteries (Included)


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(4) Flex Neck Laser Pointer LED Flashlights
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