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Toilet Paper Roll Diversion Safe on Roll
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Officially Licensed ASR Tactical Product
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Product Description

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The Toilet Paper Roller Diversion Safe is an innovative way to safely store jewelry, cash, SD cards, documents, and other small valuables.

Where is the last place a would-be-thief is checking for valuables?

The bathroom is a thoroughly uninteresting room in the house and most burglars wouldn't waste their time in there. The Toilet Paper Roll Safe is one of the most discreet diversion safes out there because it combines real life functionality with property security and also resides in the most unappealing place in the house.

Each diversion safe comes with a small air-tight canister to keep your small valuables safe and tucked away. You can even use it as a toilet paper roller and no one will know the difference! Make sure to grab one of these before burglars grab your stuff!


Keeps Valuables Hidden in Plain Sight 6" L | 2.5" x 1" Diameter Hiding Area
Doubles as a Toilet Paper Roll Holder Air Tight Container Fits Inside to Protect Valuables
Great for Home, Office or Travelling


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