Watch Repair Tools

By: / Mar 04th 2015.

Eye Loupe – LED, double
An eye loupe is crucial when it comes to watch repair to see small details closely. Hands free eye loupes with LED are the best option because they allow you to get a closer look and use both hands while you repair. The Hands Free LED Eye Loupe comes with an adjustable head strap, 6x magnifying lens, and an LED light for ultimate precision and visibility. The Hands Free LED Double Eye Loupe is also perfect for watch work. Simply put them on like glasses and the dual loupes feature a magnification power of 10x. The loupe locations are adjustable to fit person to person. Be sure to grab an eye loupe so you can pay close attention to detail while you repair watches.

Screws, Tweezers, & Screwdrivers
An assorted screw kit contains various different sized screws for all of your watch repair needs. Be sure to find a kit that keeps the screws neatly organized to avoid confusion or mix-ups. Watches have so many tiny parts that are almost impossible to manage with hands. Precision tweezers allow you to grab, place, and maneuver little pieces like screws. If you want to repair watches you’ll need a handy precision screwdriver set. They come with different sizes to loosen up or tighten those itty bitty screws.

Watch Case Opener Wrench
The Professional Grade Universal Watch Case Opener Wrench was designed to open and close waterproof watch case backs without scratches or damage. Use this watch case opener to change batteries, movements, and more. This tool features four sets of differing pins (round, flat, square, and toothed) to pry open all types of watches. This tool will work on luxury, modern, digital, economy watches and more! This gadget is also very easy to use. Simply twist the handle in place and adjust the prongs to the watch.

Oiler Pen
Oiler pens help to lubricate small parts and areas of the watch to delicate movements. This oiler pen holds 0.25 fluid ounces which can go a long way, but it is refillable in case you need more oil. The cap screws on to prevent leaks and the non-drip 0.4mm tip features a sensitive touch activated valve that releases tiny drops of oil. Use thin viscosity petroleum or synthetic fluids to refill the oil pen. Use an oiler pen when working in tight spots that are difficult to reach.

Pocket Watch Key Set
Winding and setting a pocket watch will never be a hassle again with a pocket watch key set. It comes with 14 different sized individual watch keys attached to a chain to fix just about any difficult pocket watch with ease. The keys are made of solid brass with a nickel finish on the barrel.

Glow in the Dark Paint Repair Kit
This 5pc Glow in the Dark Paint Repair Kit provides all of the basic necessities to restore, re-lume, or repair watches that have lost their appeal. Each kit comes in a carrying case with a bottle of varnish, paint thinner, green glow-in-the-dark powder, a dual plastic mixing dish and an applicator. This will save you loads of money on buying a new watch. Restore the elegance of your watch with a paint repair kit!

Watch Repair Tool Kits
There is a wide selection of watch repair tool kits to choose from that will supply you with all the basic tools that are essential to watch repair.

16pc DIY Watch Repair Kit
This DIY Repair Kit comes with a watch band holder, link pin remover, mini spring bar pusher/remover, pin punches (0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm), dual-face watch hammer (metal and plastic), case opener knife, 3 precision slotted screwdrivers, 2 precision phillips screwdrivers, adjustable case opener, mini long nose pliers with cutter, and stainless steel tweezers.

20pc Deluxe Watch Repair Kit
This deluxe repair kit has a black foamed-line plastic carrying case that comes with 5 precision tweezers, jeweler’s hammer, box of 360 spring bars in 18 different sizes, tweezers, 3x jeweler’s loupe, watch band block, watch band link remover, 3 additional link remover fittings, 2 watch back openers, 2 additional fittings, and adjustable watch case opener wrench.

250+pc Complete Watch Repair Kit
This complete watch repair kit comes in a tool box with 250 watch screws, watch case opener wrench, watch band pliers, 14 watch keys, a 5 prong pick up tool, magnifying credit card tool, measuring tape, microfiber cleaning cloth, and illuminated tweezers.

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