Treasure Hunter

By: / Aug 04th 2017.

Imagine finding treasure in the most unthinkable place. Really you could be sitting on treasures beneath your house without even know it! Well what are you going to do about it? Don't you want to find them?!

We know you do, that is why we created a little something special. Metal detecting is just as glamorous as you would imagine it to be. Having your own system, walking throughout nature's beauties, and finally seeing that green light turn red! Eurika! You have found it! But there is a little more to it. You can't JUST have a fashionable metal detector at your hip, the look must be completed. With your fancy portable and hand held metal detector you can almost take on the entire world but a few other things have to come first. The utility belt is a must so that you can carry the mounds of precious metals you find with you as you go out to find more. Having these large pockets at your side is definitely a essential... you don't want to get out there and then have too many goodies to carry!!!

As for the actual finding part of the experience two more things need to be added to the NEED TO HAVE checklist. A metal detecting probe and metal sifter/scoop will increase your productivity and findings in the treasure hunting field, I promise you. The probe is just small enough to carry around on your escapades and allows you to locate and dig for those precious items your detector has got you all worked up about. As for the metal sifter/scoop, it lets you easily sort through the earth and rubbish to get to the ultimate treasure!

Now we have put together a kit for you here so that you do not have to worry about getting the right tools and gear. Think about it... treasure, gold, priceless coins and jewelry. It's to late to pass this experience up! And for you more experienced treasure hunters out there we've got something that might be a little more your style... The professional ASR outdoors metal detector to advance and bring in a little more to your lavish collection.

Get what you really want out of life and join us on the best adventure you've ever had and with a little Treasure Hunter spazaz!

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