When survival matters: ASR Outdoor Survival Knife With Fire Starter

By: / Aug 07th 2015.

Survival isn’t rocket science. Just like a recipe, there are ingredients for a surviving a night in the backcountry. The human body can only survive three hours in harsh conditions without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food. For many, starting a fire in the backcountry is the ultimate comfort and can be a tool for survival.

Backcountry travelers should always be prepared for a survival scenario. There is always some level of uncertainty whenever large, or even small groups enter the backcountry. When we leave the comfort of our globalized world, we are subject to nature’s mercy. Who knows when the next mega quake will occur? Or even the next major landslide? The simple truth is we don’t, but by taking the simple steps to prepare for the worst case scenario, knives like the ASR Outdoor Survival Knife can become life savers.

Equipped with a fire starter, this parachute cord wrapped knife from ASR Outdoor is an industry leading survival knife. Similar to our 11 Inch Full Tang Knife with fire Starter , but with an improved grip, this knife features a high grade polycarbonate plastic handle and a 440C Grade Wear and Corrosion Resistant steel blade, this is a cost effective option for a great knife.

Before you head out on any outdoor adventure, be sure you have a survival knife so that you can be prepared for the worst case scenario.

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