Survival Cords

By: / Jan 28th 2015.

Survival Cords
Survival cords are crucial when it comes to emergency situations and many outdoor activities. They are lightweight but extremely durable with endless uses that stretch as far as the imagination does. There are all sorts of survival cords meant to withstand different environments. Don’t forget to pack a handy survival cord on your next outdoor adventure!

Kevlar Cord
Kevlar cord is constructed by braiding 3-4 thin strands of Kevlar thread. Altogether, this creates a powerful, low-stretch .03” diameter rope that has an impressive breaking strength of 200 lbs. The lightweight cord is coated in polyurethane for formidable abrasion, water, flame, and UV resistance in intense outdoor conditions. This cord will be able to withstand environments with extremely high temperatures. Create strong traps, bows, and snares with this versatile cord. Complete your emergency survival kit with Kevlar cord!

Spectra Cord
The sleeved Spectra cord has a 325 lb. tensile strength at just .075” thick! The Spectra base and polyester braided sleeve allows optimum UV, abrasion, water, chemical, and cut resistance. The Spectra cord’s super strength makes it the best option for tying things down to a car, hiking pack, or trailer. It will withstand various weather conditions and elements. You wouldn’t want to forget Spectra cord on a camping, hiking, or fishing trip! Spectra is the extremely high molecular density form of polyethylene. This thermoplastic has the highest impact strength presently made. Spectra cord is a reliable tool to bring along any sport or outdoor activities.

Technora Cord
Technora cord has a thin appearance of .08” with a jaw dropping breaking strength of450 lbs. Technora is abrasion & flame resistant, low-stretch and, a high strength material. The PTFE (Teflon) coating enhances the UV and abrasion protection. This cord is great for setting up shelter or a trap. This super compact and lightweight cord is very portable so you can take it wherever you go!

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