Staying Fit

By: / Apr 11st 2015.
Fitness Essentials

Water Bottle
It is important to stay hydrated before, during, and post workouts. It is crucial to performance and overall health. Aquamira has a 25 oz. water filter bottle that beats the average water bottle by a long shot. It uses new CR filtration technology to remove chlorine, odors, and over 99% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia (the leading causes of waterborne illnesses). The coconut shell carbon water filter treats up to 100 gallons of water to always give you access to a safe supply of drinking water. This feature can be a life saver when clean drinking water is not available. This lightweight water bottle is the best companion for anyone along their personal fitness journey.

Workout Towel
If you’re looking for the perfect gym towel, rely on the PT Pod by McNett. This highly absorbent towel is specifically designed for personal fitness. It absorbs about 5 times its weight and features quick drying technology so it’s ready for repeated use whenever you are. The antimicrobial silver treatment keeps the towel fresh. Not only does the PT Pod have the most efficient drying and absorption qualities, it is super lightweight and compact. It also includes a zippered security pocket so you’ll be able to store the towel conveniently while exercising. The snap loop allows you to attach it to your clothes, gear, or exercise equipment so you can have it available whenever you need to wipe off some sweat. Use McNett’s advanced PT Pod towel to gently remove oil, dirt, and perspiration from your hands, face, and body.

Camo Form
Camo form has various uses from first-aid to equipment. This heavy duty fabric securely clings to itself without leaving behind sticky residue. Applying camo form to your exercise equipment will give you the best grip and insulate the cold. It can also be used as a medical bandage wrap for support and protection. It offers controlled compression, while allowing the skin to breathe without causing discomfort. It is washable so you can reuse it again and again! Keep camo form in your first-aid kit in case of injuries.

Fitness Posters
If you’re working out at home, the Productive Fitness Poster Series is the personal trainer for you! These posters were created by experts to ensure you are informed on all things fitness-related including stretching, yoga poses, medicine ball exercises, resistance tubing, muscle diagrams, and much more! The posters are easy to follow and provide descriptive color photos for clarity. Having these posters around the house is also a good way to fuel motivation. Make sure you have the proper information and form to maximize your home exercises!

Floor Mats
Interlocking foam mats create the extra cushioning you need to exercise wherever you desire! The tiles can be arranged to fit any shape of floor and as easy as they are to assemble, they come apart just like that for storage or transportation. The non-slip coating ensures safety with absorbance to prevent slippery surfaces from sweat or water. These floor mats are constructed of a special rubber material that resists dirt so they are easy to clean. Utilize the floors of your living room or gym with floor mats for optimal comfort, safety, and floor protection.

Head Lamp
Walking, running, or biking it the dark can be extremely dangerous, especially if you don’t have a light source. Head lamps are great for night time activities because they allow you to find your way in the dark hands-free. It ensures that you can see what’s in front of you and cars and other people can see you as well. Look for head lamps with multiple light settings to adjust to your setting. Always be sure to wear a head lamp when exercising in the dark.

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