Prohibited Items - Let's talk about explosives

By: / Jun 13rd 2016.

We've been fighting for years with mainstream online marketplaces about selling our prohibited items, but we've finally found the solution...

Let's just sell it on our website

With the dangerous nature of these products, we felt responsible to educate you endorphin-loving folks on what exactly we've got here (before you go wreaking havoc on the world). So let's get started, shall we?

Let's talk about explosives

Does that sound good?
First of all, what the hell is Tannerite?

Check this shit out.

Basically, Tannerite explosives are a patented combination of ammonium nitrate (an oxidizer) and aluminium powder (a fuel) that is supplied as two separate powders that are mixed and shaken to produce an explosive. Just some science shit that I personally don't understand (I'm a marketing major, not a chemistry major. Sue me.)
So whether you're bored, want to practice shooting, or you're trying to create destruction, Tannerite is for you.

Now I have to sell shit to you

We've got some sick Tannerite explosives, bound to blow up your barn, or blow up your lawnmower and chop your leg off. Whatever.

Here's what we've got

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  • $91.02

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  • $20.75

  • $76.96

  • $47.99

  • $23.99

  • $51.14

  • $76.96

  • $27.66

  • Seriously, look this shit up online. There are some really cool and really twisted videos out there of what people have done with Tannerite. It's dope.
    Okay okay, beyond Tannerite, we've got one more sweet ass explosive. Check out the Haze Pro

    These puppies have been featured on things like DudeIWantThat

    And they're a huge hit. Seriously, we sell these like crazy. People order these a million times a day, and we always get sweet reviews on them. They're great for paintball games, effects, July 4th, scaring the hell out of people, and just for shits and giggles.

    Any other explosives you're into? Let us know!

    Thanks for reading - and keep an eye for our next prohibited items blog post which will proobably be about handcuff keys
    Till next time - Shilpa
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