Mr Prez Golf Club Head Cover

By: / Jun 30th 2017.

Have you got a driving ambition to add some flare to your golf accessories? Isn't it about time someone livened up the sport that tends to shy away from inflaming the senses? We think so, and we figure there can't be a better way to bring some levity and uniqueness to the course than with a golf head cover featuring a colorful take on our commander-in-chief.

No matter which way you sway on the political pendulum, this plush cover with outstanding detail is sure to entertain you during all your tee-shot endeavors. It's both fashionable and functional, with unmatched character detail, protective padding, and reinforced stitching. It also fits all drivers and woods up to 460cc. And better yet, it makes a great gag gift for friends, if you're not into the whole ironically-decorating-your-own-possessions thing.

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