High Visibility Outdoor Marking Ribbon/Tape Uses

By: / Jun 04th 2018.
High visibility Outdoor Marking Ribbon/Tape Uses

High visibility marking ribbons are bright and weatherproof to ensure visibility no matter what the situation. These markers are often seen at construction sites to section off areas but there many other ways to utilize these ribbons.

High visibility marking ribbon is constructed of heavy duty weather-proof PVC so you can count on it rain or shine. The ribbon is over 16 feet long and less than .06mm thick, but the brightness makes it easy to spot. They come in bold colors, including neon yellow, green, orange, pink, red, and yellow. Although they are commonly used for sectioning off construction sites and other areas, they also make great markers for campsites, hiking trails, and team sports.


Losing sight of your campsite can be extremely frightening and frustrating, especially in the dark. Bright marking ribbons are a good way to help you detect your campsite even when there isn’t very much light outside. Attach the markers at high levels (e.g. trees) for maximum visibility. During festivals that offer camping, it can be far too easy to lose yourself in a sea of tents. Purchasing neon tents with bright colors helps to differentiate your camp area. Marking your tent and camp area with bold ribbons will help draw attention to your campground so you can distinguish it from the others. Make sure you’re always well aware of where your campsite is with high visibility marking ribbon!


When it comes to winding and confusing trails, high visibility ribbon can be used to easily find your way in the daylight or when darkness falls. These markers will give you a sense of security by eliminating panic. Trail markers are particularly crucial in highly dense wooded trails where it is easy to get lost and stumble into complications. Marking ribbons are also super helpful when it comes to marking off dangerous areas that should not be traveled. Using high visibility ribbon for trails will prevent you from getting lost or stepping into dangerous terrain.

Team Sports

Having to clean and remember to bring jerseys to team sports activities can be aggravating. Marking ribbons provide a simple solution! Simply use two or more different colors to mark different teams. The colors are bright so it is easy to spot the different teams. The ribbon can also be used to mark off areas to make it easy to identify zones of the field. Use them for any sport ranging from flag football to kickball!

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