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By: / Feb 25th 2015.

ZAK Tool
ZAK Tool products are specially designed high quality tools for law enforcement and military personnel. Ranging from window punches to covert handcuff keys, ZAK Tool offers the top tactical gadgets. Since these tools are the best of the best, all ZAK Tool products come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

Pen Handcuff Keys –XL, Carbon, Punch
ZAK Tool pen handcuff keys are crafted from heat treated stainless steel to provide a lifetime of service. The standard design makes these keys compatible with all standard series handcuffs. All of the keys come with an attached pocket clip which enhances the disguise and makes them convenient to carry. The assorted handcuff keys all have a unique feature that can help you get out of a very sticky situation. The XL All-Steel Pen Handcuff Key has a design with larger surface area that makes it easy to use barehanded or with gloves. The back pin comes in handy for double-locking handcuffs. If you need a durable key that’s built to withstand frequent use, the Carbon Fiber Pen Handcuff Key is the tool for you. The Carbon Fiber body is light but rugged for extended field use. This handcuff key also includes a back pin. The most versatile pen handcuff key is the Window Punch Spring Loaded Pen Handcuff Key. This multi-tool combines a powerful spring loaded punch and a universal handcuff key. The pull-and-release spring loaded operation easily shatters windows for emergency escapes. These pen handcuff keys can make all the difference in emergency situations.

Key Ring Handcuff Keys – concealable, swivel handcuff key (steel/polymer), XL, flat grip swivel,
Handcuff keys designed to be attached to key rings are extremely convenient. ZAK Tool offers a variety of key ring handcuff keys that are easy to use and carry. They all conveniently feature a back pin for double-locking handcuffs. The XL All-Steel Swivel Handcuff Key gives you a better feel with less fumbling. People with larger hands may find it difficult to maneuver tiny handcuff keys and this tool provides greater control and ease. The basic swivel handcuff key has a round swivel head. The All-Steel Swivel Handcuff Key is built for durability and the Polymer Swivel Handcuff Key is built for discretion because the plastic body is undetectable by metal detectors. The Flat Grip Swivel Handcuff Key features a flat knurl body that is easy to use at such a small size. The Concealable Handcuff Key was designed for secure placement within a typical double snap keeper strap or key ring. This key is very useful and discrete. These key ring handcuff keys allow you to secure your escape tools within arm’s reach.

Belt Clip Key Ring Holders –Steel, Oversized, Low Profile, Dual Key Ring Holder (clip, rings)
Belt clip key ring holders were designed for law enforcement to have quick and easy access to tools and keys only using single hand operation. These belt clips accommodate belts up to 2” wide with reliable and secure positive retention. The Steel Belt Clip has a basic design with a black powder coat finish. This heavy duty belt clip passed the 200 lb. test proving that it has the durability to last a lifetime. The Oversized Belt Clip will fit belts up to 2.25” wide and it was built for someone who needs to carry a lot of items on their key ring. This stainless steel belt clip is no exception when it comes to the strength of ZAK Tool products so go ahead and carry all that you can on this sturdy belt clip. The Low Profile Belt Clip has a sleek design for a compact, lightweight, low profile belt clip. The ultimate key ring holder is the Dual Belt Clip Set. It comes with two tactical clips, two key rings, and one connector clip. This allows easy access to multiple sets of keys without having them tangle at critical moments. These belt clips boost efficiency and organization.

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