Turn pumpkin pie into muscle!

By: / Nov 03rd 2015.
A typical gym membership can be anywhere between $30 and $60. That's a crazy price to pay! Think of all the other things you could buy using that money.
Getting fit at home is a great way to save bucks and get in shape, until you're ready to commit to a full-on gym membership.

So you've made the decision to start working out! That's the first step. The hard part is actually getting up and doing it. But let's start off with some of the easier workouts that you can right from home.

Dumbbell Workouts
Dumbbell workouts are a great place to start for those who are a little bit more out of shape than they'd like to admit. You can go far beyond the typical dumbbell workouts, and these handy fitness posters will show you 20+ ways to get off the couch and utilize those dumbbells.
A highlight from the chart is the side squat lunge. Lunges are hard enough as they are, but throw in 10lbs and you're bound to be sore the next morning.
Lunges are incredibly beneficial. They work your transverse abdominus, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius/minimus, quadriceps, hamstrings and obliques.
You can find our dumbbell charts right here

It's all about the Cardio!
The American Heart Association recommends you spend 150 minutes of moderate aerobic or cardiovascular activity per week, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. Staying fit and sticking with a regular cardio workout can really reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels!
There's a number of different cardio workouts to choose from. The easiest route would be to go for a long run to get your cardio - but that's not for everyone. I personally prefer to use machines to get my 30 minutes per day in!
Here's some alternatives to running outside.
Rowing! Rowing is very physically demanding, but gives you quick results and works your entire body - which unfortunately not all machines do. If you're interested in rowing, we've got a great chart to help you learn what kind of benefits you'll get from hopping on the rower for 30 minutes!
Indoor Cycle. It's like riding a bike, but you get to watch TV while you do it. Cycling is an awesome way to gain strength in your legs and get the best out of your workout. To help ensure you're riding the way you should, use this handy fitness poster to guarantee you're riding right.
Whether you're a seasoned athlete, or a novice to the gym life, a treadmill will always be beneficial. Giving you the freedom to go as slow or fast as you want, it's an easy way to get the cardio time in everyday. Walking on a treadmill might be the easiest option, but if you want to benefit at full capacity from your time on the treadmill then look no further. This chart shows you the basics to optimal workout, which muscles are being worked, gives you information about heart rate and blood pressure, and much more.

Body Balls are a fun way to get your abdominal muscles in tip top shape. That 6 pack is only a few weeks away if you stick with it! Body Balls can make a workout more challenging or even easier, depending on which routine you do. You can combine your body ball workout with dumbbells, with wall sits, and many more. Personally, I love using the body ball method. You can really feel your abdominal's working to get you in the best shape possible. If you already have a body ball, but you're not exactly sure what to do with it, here's a comprehensive guide to getting fit.

Now all that exercise can be tiring, so don't forget to hydrate as you go along with your routine.

Make sure you wipe that sweat off before it gets stuck in your pores! White towels get ruined quickly by the sweat. Microfiber towels absorb all the moisture and leave you sweat-free. The McNett Microfiber towel was made for heavy activity, and the microfiber Silvadur material guarantees you will be stink-free ;)

So, before you begin to gain that inevitable holiday weight, take some precautionary action. Start your new gym routine with the help of Deals Only, and stay fit throughout the winter!
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