Fourth of July Checklist

By: / Jun 30th 2017.

The Fourth of July is a celebration everyone looks forward to during the summer. Families and friends gathered into one place, enjoying each others company, eating great food, and celebrating our American history. Although this exciting time is filled with summer fun, it can be stressful to prepare for. If your anything like me, you want to spend the holiday in the sun, with bunches of people, and hopefully swimming too. To prepare for the fourth I find that it is easier to list everything I need to make the day go smoother and stress free.


1) Sunscreen

2) Outdoor/Beach Ball

3) Water Bottle

4) Waterproof Storage Container

5) Swim Toys (Life Jacket, Floats, Goggles, Etc.)

6) Swimsuit

7) BBQ Utensils (Plates/utensils, Grilling Spatula, Etc.)

8) Flash Light

9) Backpack

10) Lounge Chair

11) FOOD!

Having these things with you during the holiday festivities with help ensure you have blast without getting sunburned or lost in the dark and lucky for you everything you need can be found right on the Deals Only website! Except for the food... Sorry but you will probably have to go to the grocery store for that. Now get out there, get prepping, and let the Independence fireworks begin!

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