Five Ways to Stay Safer Driving

By: / Aug 23rd 2017.
Most of us hop in our cars and drive all the time, without a second thought about the everyday dangers of driving. But if you have ever gotten into a car accident, it becomes clear how fragile life can really be. As someone who got into a car accident a little over a year ago, vehicle safety is very important to me. These are some tips to keep you- and other people sharing the road with you- a little safer.

1. Turn your phone sound off and put it somewhere out of sight and reach.
Most people know it is unsafe to pay attention to their phone while driving- but when a call or text comes through, it can be hard not to check it. By keeping it silent and out of reach, hopefully you forget your phone is even with you.

2. Keep a seat belt cutter/window punch handy.
You never know when you'll have to struggle loose from your seat belt or break a window. We recommend this combo tool, as it has both functions:

Make sure to keep it within arm's reach when stored in the car.

3. Download a "safe driving" app.
The app we recommend is Flo Driving Insights. This keeps track of hard brakes, acceleration, turning, as well as many other driving factors that can affect your safety.

4. Stock up on energy bars and bottled water
This can be the difference between life and death if you are stranded somewhere. Humans can only survive for up to three days without water.

5. Keep an emergency kit handy.
On top of water and food, make sure to have an emergency blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, and whistle. We recommend this car emergency pack:

It has all of the above, plus the seat belt cutter/window punch, a water purifying bottle, and a bag to carry it all in.
I hope these insights were helpful. Did I miss anything? Let me know!
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