Natural Disaster Emergency & Relief Kits: Everything You Need to be Prepared

By: / Oct 07th 2016.

As the East Coast is being threatened by Hurricane Matthew, one of the most powerful storms to hit the Southeast coast in more than a decade, we turn our thoughts to those living through these traumatic events moment by moment. Being prepared for natural disasters is of the utmost importance and here are emergency & relief kits and supplies to help you and your loved ones through.

Here is one of our personal favorite survival kits. Comes with a 7" knife, a fire-starter, LED headlamp, handwarmers, 200 lb Kevlar Cord, survival whistle, and more! These safety essentials have you covered through a multitude of various emergency situations.

During an emergency you have no time to spare, every second counts. This 60 gallon water storage is exactly what you need for those moments. The Mcnett Aquamira Water Basics is easily transportable for when you have to move fast and when not in use you can easily fold & collapse it down to stow it away.

Power outages happen during high windstorms and flooding so make sure to have a powerful waterproof flashlight at your fingertips. The neon green lanyard makes it easy to spot in low visibility scenarios and the strong LED bulbs are of high quality performance.

Hydration is key. During a disaster water is not always the easiest to come by, so when you do locate a water source be sure it's drinkable! Having water treatment drops can instantly purify water so it's safe for you and your family drink.

Feeling inspired? Check out our complete Emergency Preparedness Collection for even more Survival Kits and supplies!

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