Door Defender Garage Protection Pads

By: / Jun 01st 2017.
Nothing is worse than dinging your car doors! Prevent this with our Door Defender Garage Protection pads. These sturdy foam pads can be mounted directly into drywall. Fasteners are included and they can be easily moved. Not only are they ideal for automotive purposes but they can be used anywhere around the house or office to protect walls from chairs banging up against them creating unsightly marks. The Door Defenders come in 3 packages

The 2 Pack Yellow defenders include flat durable foam pads that can be used vertically or horizontally.

The 2 Pack Red defenders are corner units that are great for tight spaces and apartment complex garages that may have annoying pillars and posts to contend with.

The 3 Pack Yellow door defenders include 2 corner units and one flat unit.

Show your car some love by protecting it!

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