Diversion Safes

By: / Feb 13rd 2015.

Brief Safe
With your treasures safely hidden in the Brief Safe, no one would ever suspect your underwear to be holding your valuables! Nor would they dare to touch them! The Brief Safe has a secret built-in pocket to safely store important possessions such as passports, documents, or cash. The Brief Safe features crude markings that further deter anyone from touching your diversion safe. Whether you’re at home or staying at a hotel, the Brief Safe will keep people far away from your valuables.

Spy Bolt
When it comes to hiding miniature valuables such as cash, jewelry, SD cards, or other small belongings, the Spy Bolt is the ultimate diversion safe. It is a hollow bolt that features an o-ring seal for weather-proof storage and reverse threading for additional security. Keep it hidden in the car, garage, workshop, at home, or wherever you please! No one would give the bolt a second thought, let alone try to open it. The Spy Bolt is durable and discrete! It comes in two compact sizes – the 3.5” Spy Bolt and the 4” Spy Bolt.

Travel Pouch
The Travel Pouch is not your average fanny pack. It has dual zipper pockets to secure valuables and can fit underneath your clothes to keep it out of plain sight. The travel pouch features two mesh pockets inside the large compartment and a comfortable adjustable strap. It has multiple compartments to keep your items organized. If you are carrying a large amount of cash, the travel pouch is just what you need!

Waterproof Storage Container

The ASR Outdoor Waterproof Storage Container is great for traveling outdoors. It keeps all of your valuables together and protects them from damage or getting stolen. The container is a solid opaque color so no one can see the valuables contained inside. The two part hinge locking mechanism ensures an airtight seal. Use the large waterproof storage container to protect items such as phones or cameras from water damage. This product is ideal for on-the-go and it comes with a lanyard to make it easy to carry around the neck or wrist. Take a waterproof storage container on your next boating, camping, hiking, traveling, or beach trip!

Escape Toggle
Traveling to other parts of the world can be extremely dangerous so it is always pertinent to be prepared for any type of emergency. The ASR Tactical Darby Escape Toggle Tool is designed to aid in escape from Darby-style handcuffs. It disguises and functions as a compact and lightweight zipper-pull toggle. This is a serious safety precaution for you or your loved ones going abroad.

Covert Coins
Expert hand-crafted covert coins are actual coins with secret interior compartments within. Once the coins are shut, they are impossible to tell apart from regular coins with the naked eye. The airtight seal prevents the cover coins from being accidently opened unless pried with the opening key. Discretely hide small important personal items such as SD cards using covert coins! Covert coins come in the quarter, nickel, half dollar, dollar, half pound, and Australian 20 cent coin.

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