Dive and Aquatic Gear

By: / Feb 04th 2015.

Best Dive Gear
Diving is an exhilarating activity that allows you to explore the mysteries of the deep sea. These underwater expeditions call for high quality and comfortable equipment. It is important to be prepared with all of the products and supplies that will enhance your diving experience.

Diving Knives
Diving knives must be easy to handle underwater and highly visible. The ASR 9” Blunt Tip Dive Knife is a great companion to bring along during potentially dangerous underwater activities. The blunt tip prevents you from accidentally inflicting wounds on yourself. However, the serrated edge will cut you out of tangled rope or help fight off hungry sea creatures. It has a bright yellow handle with a quick release button. The Yellow McNett Saturna Dive Knife also features a blunted tip with a serrated and rope cutting edge at a more compact size of 7”. The 9" Full Tang Serrated Dive Knife is also great for protection in dangerous situations. It comes with a sheath and leg holster straps so you can conveniently carry it on you while diving. It features a stiletto tip for ultimate slicing capability and a serrated edge. Be sure to keep one in your boat emergency kit.

Waterproof Storage Container
If you want to keep your items on you while you go underwater, bring a handy waterproof container. Containers that have lanyards will be easy to carry and attach. Small waterproof containers are good for holding cash, IDs, and other important cards. Use a larger waterproof storage container or waterproof pouch to store bigger items such as electronics. Take your personal belongings wherever you go without having to worry about damage or getting them wet!

Odor Remover
When it comes to precious dive gear, proper maintenance promises a longer lifespan. MiraZyme uses a powerful biodegradable formula of natural enzymes and microbes to quickly eliminate odor. Mildew or mold odor can destroy expensive gear and MiraZyme eliminates the bacteria that cause these foul smells. Use it on all of your dive equipment, water sports gear, and footwear to keep them clean and fresh.

Gear Repair Adhesive
When you rip your wetsuit, throwing it away is no longer the only option! With the Aquaseal Repair Kit, you can repair rips, tears, and holes in water sports and scuba gear. The special formula is a waterproof adhesive and sealant specially formulated for necessary abrasion and flexibility protection when in the water. The kit comes with a black colorant set and mixing tray. Aquaseal allows you to enjoy your wetsuit again and again!

Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo
The most tried and tested wetsuit shampoo is M Essentials Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo. This shampoo takes the organic residue, such as chlorine and salt deposits, right off your neoprene or water sports gear with easy to follow instructions! The chlorine-removing agents prevent premature aging and oxidation. Use this shampoo on your suits, boots, gloves, fishing waders, orthopedic supports, and other gear to keep them in pristine condition.

Dive Mask Pre-Cleaner Treatment
Before applying any anti-fog treatment to dive masks, they need to be cleaned with a pre-cleaner. The Sea Buff Pre-Cleaner removes silicone residue left by the factory and takes care of dirt, sunscreen, algae, and other debris that may interfere with anti-fog formulas. The quick and easy four step process is non-abrasive and will get you closer towards the clearest underwater vision. Be sure to pre-clean your dive mask so you can explore the amazing underwater world with crystal clear vision!

Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner
Foggy dive masks can obstruct otherwise flawless views while underwater. Prevent this type of disappointment by applying anti-fog treatment to the dive mask. These formulas come in drops, sprays, and a gel. These solutions are biodegradable and safe to use on all lenses and optics including dive masks, swim goggles, ski goggles, sunglasses, face shields, and more! Let the scenic underwater world take your breath away with an anti-fog cleaner!

Plastic, Metal, & Rubber Lubricant
Silicone grease and silicone spray make great lubricants when rubber, metal, or plastic parts dry up. Pure food-grade, oxidation resistant silicone will protect and condition o-rings, valve systems, and regular components of dive gear. Non-flammable and non-toxic silicone lubricants are long lasting and designed to permeate rubber surfaces. You can even apply it to cameras, waterproof dive lights, pressure systems, pipe fittings, or anything you want to preserve and protect against moisture. No more drying or cracking - your equipment will experience longer life! Silicone lubricants will give your plastic and metal equipment the proper care they deserve!

BCD Cleaner
When your buoyancy compensator device is exposed to salt, chorine, and organic material, it can be very damaging to the device. BCD cleaners effectively remove salt and chlorine crystals from inside of the bladder and breaks down the outside crystals as well. The silicone conditioning formula extends the life of all BCD parts, such as rubber fittings, valves, and the shell. Use BCD cleaners on all dive equipment and gear. Regular use of the BCD cleaner will ensure your equipment lasts longer!

Dive Weights
Ankle Weights are dive weights designed to reduce leg and fin buoyancy and minimize back stress for a safe and comfortable dive. Easy draining Delrin buckles securely fasten weights and can be easily released with one hand. These angle weights feature a form-fitting design and rugged construction.

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