Deals Only - Moving Forward

By: / Nov 24th 2014.

The Team here at Deals Only is proud to announce the release of our new web store platform. We have been a player in the eCommerce marketplace for over 10 years where we have continued to bring our customers only the best deals. We are able to continue to grow because we know how to seek out the best deals around (on and off the web). We are then able to pass those savings on to you.

Over the years we have gained a distinguished reputation on a number of the larger seller’s platforms as a reliable dealer with outstanding customer service. However, after a while we started realizing that our lack of flexibility on these platforms was leading to dull shopping experience and keeping us from truly giving our customer the best experience possible. Thus, the DealOnlyWebStore.com site was born. Since then we have further defined what it means to combine function and design in order to add value and it is this concept that we are applying to our new website.

Our new site, DealsOnly.com, uses an aesthetically pleasing design that provides an escape from the drab look of the bigger online retailers. In addition to a contemporary new look we are determined to make the shopping process as easy for you as possible by adding a number of time saving features such as advanced filtering capabilities and speedy checkout. In addition, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best prices around. Our prices are low because our margins are thin. We make our money on volume and that means more money in your wallet.

We stand by our reputation and we will continue to provide customers with the same reliable customer service that we always have. Our new site will make shopping with us even easier and more exciting. And, as always, we will always be striving to find you better deals.

Unfortunately, this is quite an undertaking and it is going to take us just a little longer to finish developing all of the new features that we know you’re going to love. In the mean time, you should make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll keep you updated on site progress and let you know about all of our best deals as soon as they are posted.

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