Camping Supplies for People Who Hate Camping

By: / Aug 02nd 2017.

Do you want to be in the great outdoors with all the comforts of the great indoors? We've got ya covered.

1.Outdoor Toaster
Toast just like how your toaster back home makes it! Lightweight and folds flat for easy storage.

2.Or this Portable Soap
This eco-friendly soap is biodegradable- just add water! Comes in multiple colors.

3.Camping Toiletry Kit: Portable Soap + Toilet Paper + Towel
Are leaves just not gonna cut it? Never fear! Soft microfiber towel is compact and fits in small carrying tote. Comes with (1) portable soap pack and (2) 12 sheet toilet paper packs.

4.This Cross Between a Couch and Beanbag
Comfort is a breeze with the easy breeze-inflatable LoungeSak nylon outdoor travel lounge. Set up in seconds with no equipment, means more time for lounging. So brilliant, NASA wishes they designed this guy.

5. Alcohol Flask Bladder Bag
Home is where the booze is...Leak proof plastic flask is lightweight and is even freezable. Comes in a 3 pack.

6.Hate camping AND rain? Try this StayDri kit
Kit includes waterproof dry sack, waterproof/windproof survival blanket, slow burning tinder sticks, and 3-in-1 match waterproof holder/mirror/fire starter.

7.Water Purifying Water Bottle Craving that fresh from the fridge water? Aquamira Water Filter 20 Ounce Bottle with GRN Line Biological Protection removes bacteria, crypto, and giardia while reducing chlorine and chemicals. The filtered water bottle also improves taste, odor, and water clarity at the same time.

8.If just a Water Bottle isn't Enough, Try This Water Purifying Kit:
Kit comes with one water filtration bottle, purifying tablets, a water filtration series, treatment drops, and a portable water filtration system all in a multi-use drawstring backpack with draw string stopper.

9.Paranoid-Proof Emergency Camping Kit
Maybe you would like camping if it wasn't so...Scary? If that's the case for you, try this all-inclusive emergency kit. Included is a 46 piece first aid kit, water purifying bottle, 7 in one whistle/flashlight, knife, waterproof/windproof blanket, and drawstring bag to hold everything.

Now your'e ready to camp! Or glamp.

...Whatever floats your boat.

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