3 Items that will Enhance Your Camping Experience

By: / Mar 21st 2017.

Spring is here! Which means.... Spring allergies. But on the bright side, it’s getting warmer and it is motivating me to go outside! One of my favorite outdoor activities is camping, it give you a chance to unplug from technology and enjoy nature. Studies have shown that one way to fix your sleeping schedule is to reset your internal clock and this can be done through camping! Our phones and other electrical lights have thrown off our sleep patterns but reducing electrical lights and going camping will synchronize our internal clock with the sun! Even if your sleep schedule is fine, who doesn’t love camping? Sunrises, sunsets, bonfires, and s’mores. Here are some products that will enhance your camping experience!

Just imagine yourself watching the sunset in this! This Inflatable Travel Lounge is very compact when deflated. It is perfect to lounge in when you have down time but make sure your friends don’t hog it.
Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your camping trip! One of the worst things about camping is getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, this Bug-A-Nator should fix that. This is a must have!
Always be prepared with this survival kit. This 30 in 1 emergency survival kit fits everything in a water bottle so just throw it in your car when you go on your next camping trip.
I hope this got some of you excited to plan your next camping trip! If you’re inspired, check out all the camping and outdoor gear we sell!
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