How To Make Easy but Stunning Stencil Designs

By: / Aug 15th 2017.
Drawing isn't as hard as it seems when you have a stencil on your hands. Today I will show you step-by-step instruction on how to make beautiful stencil designs!

Descending circles
1. Start with the Circle Stencil and select the largest circle. Draw it.
2. Take the second-largest circle (it will be right next to the largest circle), and place it halfway within the largest circle and halfway out of the circle and draw it.
3. Repeat with smaller and smaller circles for an inception-like look! Make a circle, zig zag, or whatever you can think of! You can also use an oval sencil for a similar, but different look (Shown in second picture).

3-D Shapes (Assorted Shapes)
1. Start by drawing a square, hexagon, pentagon, or triangle.
2. Draw the same size shape so it is above the shape to the right, but overlapping the shape partially.
3. Connect the corresponding points of the two shapes using the straight edge of the stencil.
4. Viola! You can now create any 3-D Shape.
Sun over a lake 1. With this design we will use the "perspective shapes" stencil, in order to create the reflection of the sun.
2. Use the circle stencil and draw a regular circle (This is the sun)
3. Use the straight edge of the stencil to draw a straight line underneath the sun.
4. Use the perspective shape circle stencil to draw the reflection of the sun on the water on the other side of the line.
5. Create ripples in the water, and add mountains and scenery around the lake. Feel free to add some color!

That wasn't so hard, was it? Since this stencil pack has 8 sheets, there is a lot you can do with it. I love how it's clear so you can see what youre drawing, and the dedicated straight angle edge is perfect for straight lines.
Here is a direct link to the stencil pack to check it out!
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