Top Automotive Accessories

By: / Jan 08th 2015.

Cell Phone Cup Organizer

Loose objects rattling around in the car will drive anyone crazy! The cell phone cup organizer features slots perfect for holding phones, keys, pens, loose change, and other items. This handy cup will make it easy to keep your car neat and organized. It even features an opening at the bottom to conveniently charge phones. Keep your loose items in check with the cell phone cup organizer!

Dash Air Vent Mount

If you need to use a device in your car, the dash air vent mount is the perfect solution. Simply attach the mount to the car’s air vent and you’re good to go! No tools required! The mount can rotate to adjust to the preferred viewing angle. It accepts cell phones, mp3 players, iPods, and GPS devices up to 4” wide. This mount holds your device for your convenience and safety. Enjoy hands-free entertainment, navigation, and communication with the dash air vent mount!

Dash Grip Stick Pad

When the car is moving, it is easy to lose track of items when they slip around. With the dash grip stick pad, all of your belongings cling to your dashboard. The 6” x 7” pad securely clings to the dashboard without adhesive for easy removal without leaving behind any residue. Keep your phone, mp3 players, coins, credit cards, and sunglasses secure so you won’t lose or become distracted by them.

Car Protection Pad

Protect your car doors and garage using protection foam pads that mount directly into drywall. The protection pads include the fasteners as well. They are essential to avoiding unattractive dings and scratches! They can also be used around the house to prevent furniture damage.

Stretch Web

Need help securing large cargo onto your vehicle? The stretch web comes with 12 hooks that are easily fastened to fit any load. Bungee cords are also great for fastening objects to moving cars.

Truck Bed Bag

The bed bag is perfect for securely storing loose items in the back of the truck. It includes cinches for securing the cargo bag in your bed and is made of durable material built to last!

Emergency Window Punch Hammer

Driving accidents are extremely unpredictable so it is important to keep an emergency hammer close at all times. The double-sided steel hammer points easily shatter side and rear windows for a quick escape when the car is jammed or submerged under water. The emergency window punch hammer also features a safeguarded razor blade to quickly cut through seatbelts. The orange body includes a glow in the dark button for high visibility and a mounting bracket so you can secure the hammer within arm’s reach. Make sure you have this important backup tool in case of emergency!

Roadside Emergency Accident & Preparedness Kit

This complete kit will make sure you and others are safe in just about any auto emergency situation. Whether you get into an accident or your car breaks down, this kit has all of the necessary tools to assist you in these sticky situations. Inside you’ll find a neon reflective safety vest, 2 flameless flares, a glow stick, 2 hand warmers, bandages, 2 emergency blankets, hammer/window punch, 5 dust masks for dangerous vehicle fumes, 7 LED headlamp, and 4 compressed towels. Make sure to keep one of these kits in your vehicle at all times to ensure your safety and visibility in case of an emergency!

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